SBT Gallery Weekender FILM

If you head down to Manchester UK and go skate the park under the bridge otherwise known as Projekts you will no doubt see on the wall in the cafe some images taken by yours truly. The images have at one point featured on this site, whilst others have been stored in my ever growing S.B.T archive. The film above is basically the result of the weekend we put them on the wall, we shot this edit. That weekend my good friend and fellow Skulls don Vic MacMahon spent most his time attaching them to the wall whilst I framed and filmed the weekend crowd. Thanks Vic.

General weekend rippers

General weekend rippers you know who you are

Perhaps one day we will add the info to the photos but for now just enjoy a brew and have a skate whilst perusing them.
Stupid Bloody Tuesday was and still is a skateboarders website, usually the result of having a skate with my friends. The pictures at Projekts are the first time anything has been on display in a non digital way, real ink, real skateboarders, thanks to everyone who lets me photograph them, thanks a lot . Stupid Bloody Tuesday keeps giving, enjoy the film. DMC