A Mancunian street rant

Skateboarding, its a free and easy thing to do, you should do it.

Photo: McCourt Loz Brophy, Ollie in Manchester City Centre

Photo:Dan McCourt
Loz Brophy, Ollie ,  Manchester City Centre


Skateboarding, more so street skateboarding. The cobbled streets and rain swept paving slabs which vary in height and camber seem to say “Give up, go home, have a brew,”  and to make matters worse I turn on my phone and I’m faced with skateboarding under sunny blue sky, tans and  t-shirts, Californian attitudes skating perfect rails and glass smooth streets and parks with lines and pop. Hype, motivation, real sunshine, the youth, commercial dreams for the kids to follow. I’ve got to be wise, I’m older and now I take more notice. That’s not the skateboarding I know, that’s not the skateboarding I shoot photographs of, where are the clouds? and the dog shit? We have no choice but to stick to the cobbles and the wet. Slugworth knows. Loz and his city centre gap to crazy paving knows.

Photo:Dan McCourt Loz Brophy,  Ollie in Manchester City Centre, second time

Photo:Dan McCourt
Gap to cobbles: Loz Brophy
 second time  hammers

Our scene is creative and vibrant and a thing to behold, its something to be  proud of. We need to stick to the roots of what we do and not mask it with any type of sun blushed falseness. We have something  worth following on our doorstep, home grown, paving slab induced skateboarding that keeps producing rippers. Own it.

Rant over for now.