Andy Evans Kickflip @ the Cage

Andy Evans Kickflip at the Cage, photo Mccourt

Andy Evans Kickflip at the Cage, photo McCourt

It’s not often that I get to see a level of skateboarding that makes me want to

1. Snap my board and jump in the river.

2. Try harder.

When this skater turned up at the cage and proceeded to destroy it with ease and style and innovation I was happy to observe and only shot a couple of sequences. A kickflip into the bank, which he made 3 times. He made it look easy too.

I don’t like to hero worship, to name drop and all that bullshit that floats around the UK skate scene just pisses me off. It’s not why I started skating or the reason I keep skating. The future of UK skateboarding is now, and it’s not on a computer screen or in a magazine. It’s the raw bone crunching teeth splitting radical styling that skaters like Andy drop when they visit a park, street spot and skate. Kids take note, skateboarding is not a trend.

Andy Evans kickflip at the cage

Andy Evans kickflip at the cage

Andy Evans and all things flipping radical about skateboarding. The end.

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