Archive 6 ” Chris Barrett footage”

So here we are. Another Stupid Bloody Tuesday post. This time I bring to your skateboard driven eyeballs another film edited from the “archive”. This time I bring you a Chris Barrett section.
Now hows about that, not bad for a bazra. The picture below is from last week.

Jump ramp lampost wallie from the Bazra. Skater : Chris Barrett, photo: D McCourt, stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, chris barrett

Walton jump ramp wallie clanger to sneaky Indy grab from the Bazra. Skater : Chris Barrett, photo: D McCourt

Barrett’s a staple feature on S.B.T, partly because I never leave a 5 mile bubble but also because Barrett’s always down for the skate and will never cease to do something gnarly. Skateboarding was made for this. All hail Stockport’s new king, Sub50 and out.