Archive Five

I would be lying if I said I have some umbrella plan with regards to editing my old footage into tasty morsels with a low calorie intake. In fact , so far all I’ve managed to do is trawl through the old hard drives to see what’s there and chuck a few edits together. Even the thought of loading a mini d.v tape into the camera and connecting that to a computer gives me the shits and the shakes. Doing that takes time and I don’t have a lot of that to spare. The one thing I have got is a lot of ideas and this archive project is going to last a long time so don’t give up on S.B.T, it’s always staying fresh even with a geriatric swizzle. After all I’m an artist trapped in a over grown skaters beer ridden body that is ever so slightly more broken than it used to be but the mind stays keen, so feed the mind. Today’s post is Archive  Five and it features Vic MacMahon, Mark Stockton, Jim Sanders and yours truly. We skate the block near Castlefield and a subway in Warrington, true street addiction never lets go so rush it.   Peace from S.B.T.