Archive One (S.B.T film project)

Stupid Bloody Tuesday skateboarding history starts 2015

I have a shit ton of old skate footage lurking around and for years I’ve been meaning to do something with it and never able to make up my mind how, until now. So from the McCourt archive come simple and quick edits uploaded as and when, mobile footage, vx footage, 8mm, I’m going to chuck it all in where I can find it.

Mark Kendrick flip nose

Mark Kendrick flip nose

Short films kind of remind me of photographs in that they can be appreciated without too much complication and the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. That’s how I want these short skate edits to be. So here’s the first one with the unimaginative name’S.B.T Archive One’ I plan to get arty with this so keep your eyes peeled or your hater shirt on.

Stupid Bloody Tuesday skateboarding history DMC

Some of these films maybe rubbish, some maybe good, I don’t know yet. I do know I have some rad footage hanging around and that I can probably manage bite size edits in between the skates, photographs, nappies, tears and work I have to do. This is the plan for 2015, who cares it’s only Stupid Bloody Tuesday in motion. Now to roll on to the next edit, you should to, peace.