Archive Three (S.B.T the Suzuki Method Man)

Archive three probably spans a decade in 1 minute 43 seconds.

It’s got a bit of Woody skating the old Manchester courts double set and some ancient Skulls footage of Adam Leishman who kicks it today in top Manchester band “Suzuki Method” and who’s younger brother Jay just happens to be well good at skateboarding.

There’s a big spin disaster that’s not to be messed with and some mobile footage from Belvedere and Heatley. The last trick, a big Ollie from Rich outside Manchester’s Printworks resulted in the photograph below
Rich Heatley Printworks Ollie, manchester skateboarding

Back then I’d whip out my mobile and film whatever skate shenanigans might be occurring and upload it as ” Mob Cam” footage on SBT. The day Rich jumped the massive concrete knocker for Mob Cam I set up my picture and as day turned to dusk I noticed the lights at the Printworks switch on. The lights would only flash full colour once every 5 minutes. It was funny shouting at Rich just as the wall of lights went full colour. It took a while to get right but it worked out OK.

Anyway, until next time, thanks for reading, watching, waiting and anticipating? Archive Four is already being thunk about. Support independents, don’t be a slave to the commercial and lastly do your own thing.