Art Park Skate

Art in the skatepark, not a bad idea.

Jake Potts

Jake Potts

Skateboarding has got art in it. We use our feet for something individual, we are kinetic and creative and what we do is always our own. Skateboarding without ‘art’ would be skaeboding.


Armarni Rochford

How we got here I don’t know. Avoid the bull and skate to create. Do what you can and try what you want. Set your mind free, do your own thing.


Armarni Rochford gets tricky

Art gallery and skatepark, mix the two and you might have something good. We already have art on our skateboards, art on our t-shirts and art in our shoes so why not put it in the skate park wherever you can go.

It’s okay, do what you want, just keep skateboarding free and full of art of all medium.


Im still seeking underground solitude.