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Nick Stansfield, Danny McCourt, stupid bloody tuesday

The Real Thing

Nick Stansfield is Landscape skateboards newest professional. He’s been thinking about his baby for quite some time and now you can’t deny it. I remember Nick as one of Projekt skate parks original mini groms with proper quick feet and bags of natural talent. This is the right time for him to go pro, he’s on fire. I went for… Read more →

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Mad Hatters part 3 (stuck in a bubble)

Wood to wallride creation we created to skate just the other day. John Bell wasted no time in surfing the concrete wave we found underneath a homely  monolith called something something tower. Chris Barrett fought a tough fight to bring the rock fakie home. A place with more to skate for those who seek and destroy and seek some more.… Read more →

FOR SALE SBT Morrissey backprint long sleeve

For sale, bad man Barrett’s long sleeve (only new and minus the stains). Link to store in sidebar. Look for the pirate. Selling my soul for a corporate goal. All products are made in extremely small numbers so if you buy SBT it’s guaranteed to be an original, home grown, skater owned skate brand for the black eyed nobody. Support… Read more →

The Mad Hatters part 2 (unknown shredders)

I don’t know who this is. I’ve forgotten the name. It’s a powerful flip down by the fountains and a challenging bench to hop. This post is for all the unknown skateboarders that frequent the blocks and the skateboarders that travel to roll the granite palace. Big up skateboarding. It’s not all about the notoriety, fashion and fame, some of… Read more →

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The Mad Hatters part 1 (Dave Monaghan)

They say the apple never falls far from the tree, well I say the skaters in Stockport never fall far from the blocks. Having skated Stocky for well over 15 years I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something good about skateboarding in Stockport. First came Bones skatepark and that world class sorely missed indoor figure 8 bowl. Personally I… Read more →