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Three for another Tuesday , at the Pumpcage

I’m alive, I’m alive screams the skateboard blog. Like Frankenstein’s love child it hobbles from the internet and into your eyes. So sorry about that. Keep it simple (I think this everyday you know) It’s skateboarding and you should go skateboarding, it’s fun. Speaking to the coaches at Projekts it dawned on us that almost every skateboarder who lives in… Read more →

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Zachariah “Hippy Trip” Riley

All things fractal and resonate like the brain waves of a crazed hippy skater Dinosaur Junior would be proud of this dudes blunt skills Hawaiian shirts ahoy Travelling dimensions through space and time on a magic smith grind carpet Stupid Bloody Tuesday sponsored rolling paper urethanes All you need is love ba ba ba ba baaah and skateboarding. Read more →

stupid bloody tuesday, element , manchester, projekts, Doug McLaughlan

Element “Make It Count” Projekts 2015

I took a few shots at a recent Element competition held at Projekts skatepark, Manchester. Needless to say the level of skateboarding today is mind boggling. So good to see a positive vibe during the jam, all crews wrecked it. Competitions like this are rad. A good time to socialise, skate and see some of the heavy hitters give one… Read more →

Archive Two (S.B.T film Lewis Brownlie)

Archive two features mainly Lewis Brownlie and some of the now defunct D.I.Y Rochdale skatespot named mfi. Watch Lewis shred. Currently travelling the world who knows where and constantly illustrating with pen in hand Lewis is sorely missed in Manchester and his influence on and off the board echo through space, time and the interweb. No comply no surrender Strangeways… Read more →

Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate. [Show as slideshow] It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of… Read more →

Projekts Christmas Skate Jam 2014

The pumpcage jam was a proper good Christmas treat The age old competition jam format and Christmas skateboard cheese and crackers. No messing just having a laugh and shredding. A right good skateboard mash up. Some good skating, mellow atmosphere and general merriment was in the air. Good people all around. The big shoes comp was proper funny to watch.… Read more →

Wednesday Nights in Front of the Vert Ramp

Looking for a dose of fear tainted with excitement? Hoping to skate with down to earth legends in a sociable atmosphere surrounded by music played from an 80’s ghetto blaster and tapes bought on ebay? Searching for a waltz with the theory of general relativity and space time? Well step right up. Let your eyeballs be melted and brain fried… Read more →

Weekend in the City 2014 S.B.T film

The team S.B.T consisted of Zack Riley, Chris Barrett, Neil Worthington, Reiss Johnson and yours truly. The plan was simple. Avoid the well known Manchester street spots and skate whatever we find the rougher the better. Film it, edit it, capture Reiss on vert. Lastly, photograph the crap out of everything add Joy Division. S.B.T Weekend in the City 2014… Read more →