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Vagrant Art Wallrides with Jiri and Dan

In the dark crevasse of a Manchester city centre underpass near a sleeping homeless man is some concrete. It started as a D.I.Y project by a few local skaters and it’s grim, proper grim. Jiri pops his nose from wallride on Toymachine wood. That magic is real, them feet are quick. The crete is bad, the floor is bad, the… Read more →

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The Constant Gritting

Two styles juxtapose. Winter is nearly finished. The nights will soon get shorter and the clocks will go forward and we can wave bye bye to another season. At least I documented a little this winter. There is something good about skateboarding in winter. When the fresh air hits you and the slap of cold concrete really wakes you up.… Read more →

Jump ramp lampost wallie from the Bazra. Skater : Chris Barrett, photo: D McCourt, stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, chris barrett

Archive 6 ” Chris Barrett footage”

So here we are. Another Stupid Bloody Tuesday post. This time I bring to your skateboard driven eyeballs another film edited from the “archive”. This time I bring you a Chris Barrett section. Now hows about that, not bad for a bazra. The picture below is from last week. Barrett’s a staple feature on S.B.T, partly because I never leave… Read more →

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Disco Blocker

Juxtapose disco moves Now I’m not one for sentimental ramblings posted in an unseen skateboarders blog but the disco lights at our local seem to hold some magical presence that skate rats hover around hypnotised like moths on a light bulb. Today wasn’t going to be something spectacular, it was going to be another square boring dull day full of… Read more →