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Undercover nosebonk The website is rubbish Skating is rubbish Tuesdays are rubbish Business is rubbish Rubbish is rubbish The photographs I’ve taken have always involved a skate session before or after the shoot. I’m getting old and to say that my beans have bounced would be a discredit to the skaters that are still rolling into their 50’s. I’m thinking… Read more →

Professional Brewski

Celebrate shredders He’s a winner. He’s a street champion. King of gnarls. Shredders is a professional, a professional Lurker. Celebrate the streets and destroy his name on wood. Slide that paint into oblivion. He’s a professional now. That means he’s a role model. A model who rolls or a roll up modeller, who cares he’s the man. Go buy his… Read more →

Weekend in the City 2014 S.B.T film

The team S.B.T consisted of Zack Riley, Chris Barrett, Neil Worthington, Reiss Johnson and yours truly. The plan was simple. Avoid the well known Manchester street spots and skate whatever we find the rougher the better. Film it, edit it, capture Reiss on vert. Lastly, photograph the crap out of everything add Joy Division. S.B.T Weekend in the City 2014… Read more →

Three Ollies with Lloyd, the Police watch on.

Three ollies with Lloyd McLeggon on a rainy Mancunian day. The police car is parked there and that fence is pretty high, still we knew there was a picture in it. I can’t make my mind up which one turned out the best. Likely they will only end up on Instagram or something. Lloyd continued to clear the fence until he… Read more →

Rob Sanderson Doodles 50-50

Skateboarding, probably my favourite distraction. Rob Sanderson has a finely tuned 50-50. Rob’s 50-50 occurred when we took a time machine back to Victorian England for 5 minutes, before the flux capacitor ran out of Nike shoe laces and independent shop owners tears, lucky it was wind up so we could get back home. As far as this post goes… Read more →

Free and Independent hyper

The things you find on the street are the best things to skate. Truly impulsive skateboard photography and street shredding make the best photos. We didn’t know we would find a rusty razor sharp wheel barrow to fly over that day. We are not the consumers of totally staged set pieces, advertising banners and marketing budgets, we are the street… Read more →

Three for Tuesday, bish bosh Barrett

Keep it short. Went for a skate, bumped into Barrett. Chris has not skated for weeks due to a knee injury, today was the first skate. Chris proceeds to grind a behemoth street bollard like he was buttering toast. Then takes on a muddy gap with Mach ten speed and street pop. Chris Barrett finishes the evening with a switch… Read more →

A Mancunian street rant

Skateboarding, its a free and easy thing to do, you should do it.   Skateboarding, more so street skateboarding. The cobbled streets and rain swept paving slabs which vary in height and camber seem to say “Give up, go home, have a brew,”  and to make matters worse I turn on my phone and I’m faced with skateboarding under sunny… Read more →

D.I.Y Skateboarding MFI phase 2

Sometimes skateboarding can be Sore Lewis_Brownlie_Speed-Bump-Nose-Grab. Well fast. Sam_Bottenberg random DIY wally over some random stuff we found Skateboarding can be tough sometimes. Especially when you have no where to go. You have to be creative and think outside the norms, no fear and forget the consequences and build some shiz. That’s why skateboarding always shines through, usually the people… Read more →

Snap the Tail like a Well Oiled Snail

It’s one of those gaps that seem none interesting to the normal person, fortunately with skateboard goggles on it’s a ninja like tail slide. I think we inspired some street urchins whilst shooting this as a couple of mobile phones came out to film Eddie. Maybe they wanted to see some falling, well that never happened. They were definitely happy… Read more →