D.I.Y Skateboarding MFI phase 2

Keanu-Robson-Ollie-Tweaker at MFI bump

Keanu-Robson-Ollie-Tweaker at MFI bump, D.I.Y Rochdale styley

Sometimes skateboarding can be Sore
Jay Stone Crooked Grind at MFI Rochdale

Jay Stone brings the Crook bonk on an old shopping trolley like it was 1991 or something.

Lewis_Brownlie_Speed-Bump-Nose-Grab. Well fast.
Lewis Brownlie speed bump pump Rochdale MFI

Lewis makes this look easy , check the air he gets on the last line


Jay Stone Slam Shinner MFISam_Bottenberg-DIY-Wally

Sam_Bottenberg random DIY wally over some random stuff we found
MFI Skate Shack Rochdale

Skate Shack Style

Skateboarding can be tough sometimes. Especially when you have no where to go. You have to be creative and think outside the norms, no fear and forget the consequences and build some shiz. That’s why skateboarding always shines through, usually the people who skate are creative and driven and much like the chosen skateboard will skate on anything. Getting kicked out of everywhere stinks, hence why so many D.I.Y skate spots are being built. They don’t always last long but like this place sometimes they do. Two years in and after the first build was demolished by travellers round two is well under way. D.I.Y rules, build your own skate park, today.