Eddie Belvedere S.B.T Gallery

It’s an idea I’ve had to sort my pictures into named galleries so that people who visit S.B.T can see my skate photos and also I can say thanks to my friends who have been happy to shred with me. So here it is. The first gallery all sorted and published here on S.B.T. More on the way.


Ed Belvedere has been a long standing subject to my photography and more so a good friend and skater who I have enjoyed razzing about with whenever possible. He is pro for Superdead and he kills it. My pictures are just a snapshot of how good a skateboarder Eddie is. These photo’s span about 4 years of hit and miss sessions usually during the week in between work. The guys a machine, make your own mind up.

All photos copyrighted to Dan McCourt.

Below are a few S.B.T films I’ve made featuring Eddie Belvedere, again mostly a few years old but if you have time to kill then have a goosy gander.