Go Skate Day 2014

photo and words by Vic MacMahon
Go skate day 2014

This may come as a shock to some Americans, but we don’t always get a great skate every ‘go skate day’ sometimes we unfortunately have no option but to work most of the day and usually the weather here is, well… less than great.

This year however the planets aligned, or something, and it happily fell on a Saturday so I grabbed my camera and rushed out and joined the hordes at Notes Tib Street shop on a global warming, much sunnier than usual, June 21st.

Note pretty much took the day over this year, got Lakai involved and organized a rad day of pegging round the city with a massive crew of skaters of all ages and giving out random prizes for fun events. ‘Jed’ Coldwell was his usual hilarious self as the ‘pie-eyed piper‘ on the bull horn getting the kids amped and making up random tasks for the kids. Best awards were given for grabs and boneless tricks. Slappies, cave mans and no-comply shove-it variations were all encouraged alongside the usual heady mix of heckling and laughter.




For some reason only known to ‘Uncle’ Jed we went from URBIS all the way over town to UMIST which weeded out some of the older lads, SKULLS OGs included, but the 5 set got a good seeing too, even with the looming presence of the security, who for some reason seemed reluctant to tangle with 100 plus skaters some of which were bigger and older than them and had their kids in tow? The 180 mute boneless fingerflip!? was eventually landed and we moved on to the underpass beneath the Mancunian way. ‘Challege’ Damo and Keegs got involved in the carnage but it was the the kids who got gnarley here and they were tail dropping off the roundabout railing into the cobble stone bank, quite few came a cropper on these, but young gun ‘teen wolf’ lookalike Lucian eventually hucked an indy noseblunt in and wrestled it down to victory.

Go Skate Day SBTedit-1-20


At the Sandbar spot and after the long Ollie comp; (Sexual Stu?) followed one of the most hilarious events I have ever witnessed; the boneless over boards comp! Some kids who apparently had never even tried a boneless on the flat and whipped up by the free shoes frenzy were trying to vault over 6 stacked boards to obvious calamity. I can’t remember who won what but MC Jed, Damo, Charlie Johnson and Keanu Robson all proved themselves worthy.


My favorite spot and the one I have the least photos off because I couldn’t resist the temptation to skate was the BBC bank to curb spot. Loads of great skating went down in the frenzied sess; Keanu, Gez Curren, Charlie and American; Zak Gold pulling of some ‘stylish moves’. The best bit though was the attempted knee-suicide tail drop from the 10ft high wall to flat. Hyped up from chants from the throng of C.K.Y!!! Even non board activities were awarded as Stockport ripper Kyle Yates did an acrobatic front flip. I hung around there with a small crew afterwards for a smoke and a beer (cheers Gez!) and missed the events at the new Thomas Street shop but this rounded up a rad day of rolling fun in the best skate city in England. Here’s looking forward to next year!