Introducing the Knee Cruncher

stupid bloody tuesday danny mccourt photograph

Stu Reynolds stomping a backside flip

There’s much to be said about the simple pleasures in life. This could be for some a gentle stroll on a cold winters day. Fortunately for those of a more temperamental nature it could be hoicking themselves as high as they can into the air from a transitional shaped wavey press of ply.  

stupid bloody tuesday danny mccourt photograph

Chris Barrett jump ramp kicker, photographer my 7 year old son no joke πŸ™‚

Investing in this jump ramp from Graw is one of mine. We took the kicker and the fresh press S.B.T boards for a spin. Both stood up well to a freezing cold February street beat down.   

stupid bloody tuesday danny mccourt photograph

As Dan said, the jump ramp was the star that day nevermind his 360 flip

I guess this post is about introducing “The Knee Cruncher”. I realise some skateboarders may scoff at the thought of a jump ramp, the mere unfashionable not on trend use of unnatural terrain . I understand their disdain, however skateboarding and jump ramps is where it began for me and many of my brethren. A flame that keeps burning to take to the sky like a big pizza pie. 

stupid bloody tuesday danny mccourt photograph

Dan James testing the SBT press with the kicker tre

Now that skateboarding is totally absorbed in the communication and technological revolution we are shoulder deep in at present (you realise this don’t you.) Something I fully appreciate and embrace. Social media is flooded with skateparks, line after line, post after post, I cry pavement flavoured tears in sorrow of the lost youth who only know skateparks and never felt the cold streets when skateboarding wasn’t handed on a plate or even noticed by anyone apart from you and your marras. Anyway, enough reminiscing, I thought how about we mix it up and bring a bit of the skatepark to the streets and see what we can create. Watch this space, hopefully no knees will be crunched in the making of future Stupid Bloody Tuesday posts. The end, ahem.

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