Kerbside for the Boredom

Boredom is a terrible thing.

chris barrett, danny mccourt, stockport skateboarding

Despite the tweak this is a make . Ultimate tweaker bazra

It’s 99.9% of the reason people do stupid things.

Photography visually distracts and delays some boredom for perhaps a minute and film a little longer. The internet is best though.

Dave Walton, danny mccourt, wallie

D.I.Y Dave Walton trucks up his home made wallie pyramid .

Build a thing and skate it, no more boredom.

Taz Bowgan

Young Taz grabs with 80’s style shredding only in 2015.

Skate a thing, shoot a photo and put it on stupid bloody tuesday, I’m not bored.
I hope S.B.T helps you, even for a short while to dissipate the boredom.

These photographs were shot at an abandoned car park, one of the many victims of the economic climate and I dare say it recession. This place is a sanctuary and a place where skateboarding can hide. I call it Kerbside. It has D.I.Y potential, if you have the time. Here boredom is kept at bay, at arms length and brushed under the carpet. I’ve been here on stolen summer nights after all my work is done. Now the thought of winter looming and the early nights mean no more soul shredding, it will be too dark. After work, after the routines, what is there to do? We are lucky we have time but without my board, I’m more bored than before. Maybe I should grow up. No I will get a torch, it will be alright. Stay rad, stay busy, fight the boredom.