Mad Hatters part 3 (stuck in a bubble)

Stupid Bloody Tuesday, skateboarding, Stockport, John Bell, Danny McCourt

John Bell with a very Stockport wallride

Wood to wallride creation we created to skate just the other day. John Bell wasted no time in surfing the concrete wave we found underneath a homely  monolith called something something tower.

Chris Barrett , Danny McCourt, stupid bloody Tuesday, Stockport skateboarding , skateboarding

Rock to fakie on Cobdens flat bank

Chris Barrett fought a tough fight to bring the rock fakie home. A place with more to skate for those who seek and destroy and seek some more. On a sunny day it’s a bit like a mill town heaven.

Dave Walton, Danny McCourt, stupid bloody Tuesday, Stockport, skateboarding

Dave Walton aka “Ken Elle” clears stump

Dave Walton used to skate at “Reddish Rollers”. Dave has the bug, the bug makes him skate. Skateboarding is a bug bite you just can’t scratch. Like Kafkas “Metamorphosis” we are turning into the bug, the skate bug.

stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, Ash Burgess

Ash Burgess with a monster nose manual. Daewon Song would be proud

The fountains are a vacuum, a trap, a place to sit and a place to roll . It’s a favourite palace to skate. Ash follows his nose and like me it always get stuck at the blocks. That’s some balance.


stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, seb batty

Seb Batty Switch one foot over that bench

Seb Batty with a switch one foot toe poke, enough said. Words are wasted on this trick, easier said then done. Seb knows actions speak louder than words.

stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt

Curb to tail on a timer, my gorilla arms say it s’art right?

Skateboarding on curbs is acceptable today right? Forget you skateboarding fashion police , I do what I want and I don’t listen to you. This is Stupid Bloody Tuesday and we like curbs and hats and waxy waxy skateboarding. The spirit will never die, no retreat.

The Stockport mad hatter pirate crew are in full effect. Big up Sub 50. SBT art collective, collecting moments in a time left to mass fear and simply not enough shredding you glue stick.