A Rainy Day Suits You

If you look up to the sky and all you see is grey then welcome to Manchester

Lloyd McLeggon Ollies the bumblebee

Lloyd McLeggon Ollies the bumblebee

Above is Lloyd just warming up before the deluge and below a picture of Armarni Rochford, in the rain, skating. It was starting to rain heavy and I had a droplet on the lens so Armarni tried it again.

Armarni Rochford same again only better

Armarni Rochford switch 180

And the suits in the background seemed in a hurry, and why not? Now it was really raining. I have a deep mistrust of suited people, I think being a skateboarder has something to do with this.

Armarni Rochford switch 180 the bumblebee rail

Armarni Rochford switch 180 the bumblebee rail, with suits

These guys seemed okay, probably doing something important. They liked the skate.

Umbrella matches rail, what's the odds?

Umbrella matches rail, what’s the odds?

Armarni landed it and I think I need to work on my trust issues, or buy an umbrella, or move to a sunny climate. Maybe I should buy a suit. It could be the next big thing. Skateboarding seems to be heading in that direction. So we went and found an undercover car park and rolled on regardless.