Undercover nosebonk

Photo Chris Barrett Skater Dan McCourt

Photo Chris Barrett Skater Dan McCourt Nose Bonk

The website is rubbish
Skating is rubbish
Tuesdays are rubbish
Business is rubbish
Rubbish is rubbish

The photographs I’ve taken have always involved a skate session before or after the shoot. I’m getting old and to say that my beans have bounced would be a discredit to the skaters that are still rolling into their 50’s. I’m thinking Steve Cab, and the other legends. I’m a fair bit away from fifty but getting old and losing it is a worry, whatever ‘it’ maybe, I think it keeps me sane. I have not jumped a bin for over a decade so lets say, that night I regretted some of the pies, nights in, time not skating and times when real life took over, the latter unavoidable. Nose bonking the rubbish receptacel reminded me of what street skating is all about, utilising your environment and powerful pop, so use it or lose it. I reminisced of the days gone by, the good old times. Skateboarding has changed, so has everything else. Skateboarding is definitely an obsession, it keeps you fit and mentally sharp. It’s not something I find easy to give up. That night, asking Barrett to take to the lens and capture my regression into early nighties plank pushing was an honour. There’s no deep rooted meaning to this post, if there was it would be that I once owned World Industries “Rubbish Heap” on VHS and it was new at the time. So keep skating.


I’ve been skateboarding for a long time.