Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate.

It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of them by now. Looking back through the posts of 2014 and to question the reason behind the radness all I can suggest is that freedom and the freedom to express that freedom is the greatest thing ever. No matter how good, quick or skilled you are skateboarding has always been about freedom. Simply surfing a hill or skipping over stones it’s a feeling of movement encompassed by logic and skill that can be best described as sideways snooker on wheels, playing guitar with your toes or doing the crustacean waltz. Basically movement and courage and skill. Lets see what 2015 holds and remember to stay free and always question everything, even gravity and fashion. Fashion’s a good thing to question. Stay free and don’t believe the hype, the record is on repeat.