See ya later Sidewalk

Today the UK skate scene heard some bad news. After twenty years of publication the main UK skate magazine ‘Sidewalk’ has hung up its paper boots and stopped going to press. Instead choosing to focus directly on digital content. To be expected really as everything is more ‘immediate’ today and with digital social media you can share others work and spread the adverts, news and scene much faster.

Dan Carpenter ollies Manchester stupid bloody tuesday skateboarding

Dan Carpenter ollies a massive concrete bolllard

Anyway, the other day I escaped a mundane existence to go skateboarding and happened upon Dan Carpenter popping monster ollies. I suggested he loft one over St Anne’s lonely bollock and he did so with no argument. He let me take the picture whilst laying in stale sick and some depressed squashed McDonald’s fries.
Little did Dan know this photographer was lucky enough to appear in the said pages of Sidewalk magazine some 15 years ago and managed to jump the same concrete bollock. Back then the human beast man Leo took the photo and it appeared in the contents page of I don’t know which month around 2000. Ah, the good old days of chemical induced crazy challenges.
Anyway, as I lay in Mancunion shit dust and dreamed of jumping stone tumours I lamented and chuckled on how things can change. Skateboarding is still as much fun as it was back then but now I’d say its much more media driven with a constant stream of clips being uploaded, viewed, judged and shared daily. It can be over-saturated but who cares, you can do local coverage yourself like S.B.T and be strictly independent bull poop. It’s rad. I like it digital. It’s free and creative and you don’t need to buy into it if you don’t want. So goodbye paper Sidewalk, I look forward to your digital re-birth. Lastly, I think Dan Carpenter wins the prize for most stoned looking skater I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot a photo with, he’s rad.