Sun, moon and wooden spoon

Skateboard by day

Loz Brophy board slide, skateboarding, stupid bloody tuesday , danny mccourt, manchester skateboarding

Loz Brophy board slide, count them stairs suckers

Skateboard by night

Stupid bloody tuesday, loz brophy, danny mccourt, skatreboarding, manchester skateboarding

Loz Brophy nosebump, the eyes have it


Sun, moon and a wooden spoon.

Riding a skateboard can be poetry in motion. A form of self expressive anarchy on the streets. Twisting with gravity by individual means and with infinite combination in the parks. Just the feeling of rolling a hill feels poetic, majestic, fast, especially on a big wheeled cruiser. Skateboarding has always got a toe dipped in the arts. That’s what makes it different, that what makes it great. S.B.T has poetic license just like you on your skateboard. Ian Brown once said ‘Free Expression Effects Reality,’ don’t get the fear, just shred the wooden spoon.