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stupid bloody tuesday danny mccourt photograph

Introducing the Knee Cruncher

There’s much to be said about the simple pleasures in life. This could be for some a gentle stroll on a cold winters day. Fortunately for those of a more temperamental nature it could be hoicking themselves as high as they can into the air from a transitional shaped wavey press of ply.   Investing in this jump ramp from Graw is one… Read more →

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Mad Hatters part 3 (stuck in a bubble)

Wood to wallride creation we created to skate just the other day. John Bell wasted no time in surfing the concrete wave we found underneath a homely  monolith called something something tower. Chris Barrett fought a tough fight to bring the rock fakie home. A place with more to skate for those who seek and destroy and seek some more.… Read more →

FOR SALE SBT Morrissey backprint long sleeve

For sale, bad man Barrett’s long sleeve (only new and minus the stains). Link to store in sidebar. Look for the pirate. Selling my soul for a corporate goal. All products are made in extremely small numbers so if you buy SBT it’s guaranteed to be an original, home grown, skater owned skate brand for the black eyed nobody. Support… Read more →

Jump ramp lampost wallie from the Bazra. Skater : Chris Barrett, photo: D McCourt, stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, chris barrett

Archive 6 ” Chris Barrett footage”

So here we are. Another Stupid Bloody Tuesday post. This time I bring to your skateboard driven eyeballs another film edited from the “archive”. This time I bring you a Chris Barrett section. Now hows about that, not bad for a bazra. The picture below is from last week. Barrett’s a staple feature on S.B.T, partly because I never leave… Read more →

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Kerbside for the Boredom

Boredom is a terrible thing. It’s 99.9% of the reason people do stupid things. Photography visually distracts and delays some boredom for perhaps a minute and film a little longer. The internet is best though. Build a thing and skate it, no more boredom. Skate a thing, shoot a photo and put it on stupid bloody tuesday, I’m not bored.… Read more →

SBT Weekend in the City 2015

S.B.T weekend in the city film 2015. Features Chris Barrett, David Walton, Ash Burgess, Daniel James, Matt Sheerin and yours truly. Also features ‘New Order’, vinyl records, slamming, blood, hill bombing and a camera from 1983. Thanks to Lewis Threadgold and ‘Lurker’ for organising a sick competition in Manchester. All the other entries were absolutely powerful this year, looking forward… Read more →

Four at Stocky Blocks and one for D.I.Y Doozer

Stockport fountains are a hive of skateboard activity. It’s also a hive of smashed glass, mislead youth and trouble. That’s none of my business. I like to skate, shoot photos and hopefully project something worthwhile, something that’s not a complete waste of time. I think there’s a little skate scene here, and by scene I mean a counter culture. At… Read more →

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Skateboarding Walls like Wheels of Water

It’s seldom said that walls are a comfortable thing. The partition of space creates illusions. Street after street we follow walls, we live in walls and we use them for punishment, law and order. Nothing can be more real than four walls. Our society loves walls my psyche creates them and like most things we can skate them. Walls are… Read more →

Chris Barrett threads the needle kickflip, stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt, stockport skateboarding, manchester skateboarding , danny mccourt photography

Underground Wonderground

Half of all skateboarding occurs in places that have another purpose. I skated with the Bazra on a cold rainy evening around a multi storey car park and we took these shots. The kickflip through the rusty iron structure ranks as one of the gnarliest kickflips imaginable. The elevation needed to clear the low bar and shapes thrown to fit… Read more →

Archive Four (street lines come in two’s)

Ten lines of two tricks over 10 years (or more) from early 90’s forgotten street legends and modern day plywood wizards alike. Archive four became a game of numbers and street sounds. Things to look out for. The background lurker taking a slam, a pressure flip up a block, the background lurker posing a tail stall and Reiss actually street… Read more →

Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate. [Show as slideshow] It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of… Read more →

Weekend in the City 2014 S.B.T film

The team S.B.T consisted of Zack Riley, Chris Barrett, Neil Worthington, Reiss Johnson and yours truly. The plan was simple. Avoid the well known Manchester street spots and skate whatever we find the rougher the better. Film it, edit it, capture Reiss on vert. Lastly, photograph the crap out of everything add Joy Division. S.B.T Weekend in the City 2014… Read more →

Three for Tuesday, bish bosh Barrett

Keep it short. Went for a skate, bumped into Barrett. Chris has not skated for weeks due to a knee injury, today was the first skate. Chris proceeds to grind a behemoth street bollard like he was buttering toast. Then takes on a muddy gap with Mach ten speed and street pop. Chris Barrett finishes the evening with a switch… Read more →