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Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate. [Show as slideshow] It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of… Read more →

D.I.Y Skateboarding MFI phase 2

Sometimes skateboarding can be Sore Lewis_Brownlie_Speed-Bump-Nose-Grab. Well fast. Sam_Bottenberg random DIY wally over some random stuff we found Skateboarding can be tough sometimes. Especially when you have no where to go. You have to be creative and think outside the norms, no fear and forget the consequences and build some shiz. That’s why skateboarding always shines through, usually the people… Read more →