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forget the writing just look at the pictures, Threadgold

Hello, stick to the bare bones Had the day off work and family and busted out the door board in hand full of trepidation Met up with the Threaders and went for a shred Shot these pictures, got told not to shoot pictures, moved on and shot some more pictures He flipped a twig over a big bag of grass… Read more →

Archive Four (street lines come in two’s)

Ten lines of two tricks over 10 years (or more) from early 90’s forgotten street legends and modern day plywood wizards alike. Archive four became a game of numbers and street sounds. Things to look out for. The background lurker taking a slam, a pressure flip up a block, the background lurker posing a tail stall and Reiss actually street… Read more →

Archive One (S.B.T film project)

Stupid Bloody Tuesday skateboarding history starts 2015 I have a shit ton of old skate footage lurking around and for years I’ve been meaning to do something with it and never able to make up my mind how, until now. So from the McCourt archive come simple and quick edits uploaded as and when, mobile footage, vx footage, 8mm, I’m… Read more →

Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate. [Show as slideshow] It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of… Read more →

Professional Brewski

Celebrate shredders He’s a winner. He’s a street champion. King of gnarls. Shredders is a professional, a professional Lurker. Celebrate the streets and destroy his name on wood. Slide that paint into oblivion. He’s a professional now. That means he’s a role model. A model who rolls or a roll up modeller, who cares he’s the man. Go buy his… Read more →

Free and Independent hyper

The things you find on the street are the best things to skate. Truly impulsive skateboard photography and street shredding make the best photos. We didn’t know we would find a rusty razor sharp wheel barrow to fly over that day. We are not the consumers of totally staged set pieces, advertising banners and marketing budgets, we are the street… Read more →