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Disco Blocker

Juxtapose disco moves Now I’m not one for sentimental ramblings posted in an unseen skateboarders blog but the disco lights at our local seem to hold some magical presence that skate rats hover around hypnotised like moths on a light bulb. Today wasn’t going to be something spectacular, it was going to be another square boring dull day full of… Read more →

SBT Weekend in the City 2015

S.B.T weekend in the city film 2015. Features Chris Barrett, David Walton, Ash Burgess, Daniel James, Matt Sheerin and yours truly. Also features ‘New Order’, vinyl records, slamming, blood, hill bombing and a camera from 1983. Thanks to Lewis Threadgold and ‘Lurker’ for organising a sick competition in Manchester. All the other entries were absolutely powerful this year, looking forward… Read more →