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Element “Make It Count” Projekts 2015

I took a few shots at a recent Element competition held at Projekts skatepark, Manchester. Needless to say the level of skateboarding today is mind boggling. So good to see a positive vibe during the jam, all crews wrecked it. Competitions like this are rad. A good time to socialise, skate and see some of the heavy hitters give one… Read more →

Gallery 2014, the year (and a bit) in photos

Here we have a gallery of images as featured on S.B.T 2014. All shot by my crooked fingers (except for the selfies shot by Lewis, Lloyd and Barrett) It’s a New Year post so take your time, hurry up the choice is yours go for a skate. [Show as slideshow] It’s been a year, and I’ve had a few of… Read more →

Weekend in the City 2014 S.B.T film

The team S.B.T consisted of Zack Riley, Chris Barrett, Neil Worthington, Reiss Johnson and yours truly. The plan was simple. Avoid the well known Manchester street spots and skate whatever we find the rougher the better. Film it, edit it, capture Reiss on vert. Lastly, photograph the crap out of everything add Joy Division. S.B.T Weekend in the City 2014… Read more →