The Constant Gritting

Two styles juxtapose.

Dave Monaghan, danny mccourt, stupid bloody tuesday

Night time frozen tweaker ollie

Winter is nearly finished. The nights will soon get shorter and the clocks will go forward and we can wave bye bye to another season. At least I documented a little this winter.

Daniel James, danny mccourt, stupid bloody tuesday

Daniel James marble tweaker

There is something good about skateboarding in winter. When the fresh air hits you and the slap of cold concrete really wakes you up. The constant gritting and damp will soon be replaced with lurkers sitting on the block, beer cans, barbecues and trouble. This year we can bring fresh D.I.Y and really create a scene, you can feel it brewing. You got to do it yourself, big society style. Nobody is really looking out for you. Make it your own 2016 and look after the places you love and I like to think things will be alright.

Dave Monaghan, danny mccourt, stupid bloody tuesday

Dave Monaghan skips a sift winter one foot in the frozen North

This post really lacks direction kind of like a drunk on a skateboard. This posts is not interesting. Daves one foot over the block is interesting, you should read that instead. I guess I could big up night time skate photography, it’s rad and it’s most definitely a winter thing, that and beanies. I’m looking forward to cutting my pants into shorts and pulling my socks up to skate limp wristed this summer. Surely skateboarding can start a new trend. I feel the 90’s returning. A good friend once said to me it “What goes around , comes around,” that much is true. If you never give up you never really lose because you’re always trying. A cigar smoking peace out until next time.