They Slayed the Vert Ramp at Beast

The vert ramp in Manchester has now perished, smashed up and splintered. Replaced with whats to be a bigger foam pit, a resin big jump. No more vert though, that chapter has finished.

Reiss Johnson tweaking

Weirdly I took a visit to Beast ramps to skate and take some photos, not knowing that within the next week the ramp would be gone. Some effort was made to save it, without enough time to arrange a new home it was taken down.The owners need it gone fast and now it’s just a memory

Reiss Johnson before the ramp was butchered

These are weird times. Times when a foam pit and resin ramp are more popular than a vert ramp. Times when nobody actually skates vert expect the few crazy people and a bunch of skaters from the actual 80’s early 90’s era.

John Nixon

Having pushed myself to skate vert and learn some tricks I can say it is one of the finest feelings on a board. A mixture of fear, speed and weightlessness, sprinkle a sense of camaraderie as you all step to the edge looking down, knowing it’s a long way to the flat.

Reiss Johnson

A sense of danger that lulls you in as confidence grows. Skating vert can take you out fast. Those with the talent like Reiss Johnson make it look easy. It’s really not and it’s a discipline of control, mind, body and soul. It’s not to be taken lightly.

Reiss Johnson

It’s was also a bloody good work out. Unlike skating street or mini walking away from a session I felt beat up, even if I only managed a few grinds. The adrenaline and the thought of skateboarding buzzing in my brain for the next few days. I’ts gone now, the hammer has dropped.

Ricky Davidson front boards

On the night of this photo shoot a load of Manchester based skaters turned up and a few more shots were taken at Beast Ramps.

Joe Gavin switch front big spin

You can’t beat a bit of street , even if it’s in a skatepark.

Neil Wothington crook clinger up rail

Not wanting to sound like a miser, or even point the finger at the people who made the decision.

Nev backside flip

I’m going to end with this. Skate parks are evolving, the crowd of kids on scooters and the foam pit resin ramps are going to help them survive, to keep them open, I can appreciate the struggle. The vert ramp was a special thing to have at an indoor skate park. It was much loved by the skaters that used it. That night even the street crowd hit up the vert ramp and many shouts in celebration and escapes and near misses blasted through the air waves. Everyone on that ramp knew it was dangerous and everyone skating it pushed themselves to the absolute limit, that is vert. I hope we can find a way to build another vert ramp in Manchester, I pin my hopes on the Olympics, surely 2020 is a reason we can find a place to train our athletes here in Manchester in the discipline of Hawk and Rune and Burnquist. The dream is alive, though the ramp has gone.

Reiss Johnson smith tail grab

Matt Leese

John Nixon Nose pick