Three for another Tuesday , at the Pumpcage

I’m alive, I’m alive screams the skateboard blog. Like Frankenstein’s love child it hobbles from the internet and into your eyes. So sorry about that.

stupid bloody tuesday image

Lloyd McLeggon kickflips the sun

Keep it simple (I think this everyday you know) It’s skateboarding and you should go skateboarding, it’s fun.
Speaking to the coaches at Projekts it dawned on us that almost every skateboarder who lives in Manchester has at one time worked for Projekts skatepark, even for a short time. Now these might not be actual factual figures , but that would mean 100% of skateboarders in the world may have been employed at Projekst skatepark once upon a time and it didn’t do them any harm.

stupid bloody tuesday image

Ricky Davidson working, lurking and always skating good. Pop Shove

The Pumpcage under the bridge continues to pump out mini rippers, master rippers and grandad rippers. Nice coffee too. Pay it a visit, tell them I sent you.

stupid bloody tuesday image

Kiddies hero and skateboard coach Danny Markham like to skate when he is at work. Front heels for Projekts coaching sake

Rather than becoming bored with the facts, just look at the photos. The people that work there are proper good at skateboarding, and everyone is always really nice. Love it, love MCR, love Projekts. Manchester la la la.