Disco Blocker

Matt Sheerin, Disco, nose grind, Stockport, stupid bloody tuesday, danny mccourt photo

Matt Sheerin Disco nose grind, Stockport mobile rail dance

Juxtapose disco moves
Declan Duff Stocky blocks feeble photo danny mccourt

Declan Duff Stocky blocks feeble, winter top off gnarler

Now I’m not one for sentimental ramblings posted in an unseen skateboarders blog but the disco lights at our local seem to hold some magical presence that skate rats hover around hypnotised like moths on a light bulb.
Today wasn’t going to be something spectacular, it was going to be another square boring dull day full of rain and wet leaves. I step outside surrounded by clouds, rain and more clouds. Well I guess you have to make opportunity count so when the last rain drop rebounds off my charity shop jacket I check my feet and they were still there. I check my board and it was still there. I check myself and I was still there. One push later and I roll up at the disco spot.
Writing isn’t my forte, skateboarding isn’t my forte, photography isn’t my forte. Who cares what that means. The only thing that matters is doing something, writing, skating and photographing something. The disco lights will shine on many things, the chemicals the colours and the mood. You can roll some storms away, the gravity will stay the same. Disco is not the only escape. Gravity is my favourite escape.The disco lights hold an illumination that echo in my mind today, now dance.