Welcome to Boneside

What do you do with too much time and concrete on your hands. You build a boneside thats what you do. The scrap of waste land under the viaduct has been disused for years. Home to a dilapidated car park, the ghost of a petrol station and a large pile of rubble.
The bridge, a historic landmark. When it was built in 1841 the largest viaduct in the world.
  Now a living piece of history that stands proud like an industrial aged giant looming in the city scape.
11 million bricks went into building this grade II listed building and in the old days when we weren’t protected by health and safety laws I’m sure the gaffer stood up there looking over the smoking chimney stacks enjoying a pipe and a bottle of stout. 
I shot a few pictures to document Boneside and in the name of Stockport Viaduct Fight Club, the first rule is don’t talk about it, so the photos remain nameless.
I guess posting about it on the web breaks one of the rules but this is the best piece of creative vandalism I’ve ever skated.

How long will it last? Who knows, the land is up for sale and it’s a prime location. The flip side is that things are very unstable with the economy and I know there’s other derlict sites up for sale , so whats to say this place will stay unused for another 5 year .
Theres a trend, modern concrete skate parks are dotted throughout this fine land. Perfect transitions with a smooth as you like surface and the scrouge of scooter kids now widespread.
Skateboarding in the Olympics this trend is going to spread . The new face of skateboarding for a new generation will be built on the designer parks with it’s set pieces and timed runs. 
Is this skateboarding? Not like I remember. The days of dragging crates and building your own from the environment around now moulded and shaped by the councils, community groups and architects. I don’t want to sound like a miser I like skating the new builds, when there’s nobody there.
The kids today are lucky to have all this perfect training ground. It’s just not real , not like the skateboarding I know with each spot having it’s imperfections and the search for new ground being as much of the adventure as the skating it.
Now its on a plate it seems a little synthetic, its like a microwave meal instead of homecooked prepared by the chef pasta.

 That is probably why I stick to my own sacred place and avoid the crowds. The best thing about Boneside is that it’s built by the people who use it, as homegrown as you can get.
Boneside is an idea from the minds of skaters, created with imperfections from the industrial waste land around. It’s the heart and soul of what this four-wheeled thing means to me, pure creativity.
Stick to your roots and watch out for damp patches, loose stones and dodgy transitions. S.V.F.C forever. Keep skateboarding real, it’s not a microwave meal.


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